You have definitely heard about storm proof windows before, especially living here in Florida. Maybe you heard about them from a friend, a family member, or your neighbor. Either way, you probably heard that they were such a great investment or have benefitted the homeowner in many ways. All of this excitement over storm proof windows in West Palm Beach may have you wondering if you should get your windows done. There's no lie to what everyone around you is saying; there are many benefits and reasons to invest in storm proof windows for your home. If you aren't sure what they are, don't worry! Our team at Statewide Impact Windows & Doors has all the information you need on these game-changing windows.

Storm Protection

The main reason people decide to go with storm proof windows is for storm protection. These windows can do what hurricane shutters do but more. The glass used is thicker than the average window and comes with multiple layers. The first layer is very thick and takes the brunt of the storm. But on the off chance the window does crack, it won't crack the way glass usually would. The glass will instead shatter and create a spider-web appearance. There will not be a mess of glass either because the window doesn't fall apart in that way. Despite this protection, there is still a second layer. The second layer works as an extra wall between your home and the outer layer of glass. When we say nothing is getting through storm proof windows, we mean it. Another thing that's great about these windows is the amount of time and effort saved. You no longer have to worry about putting up hurricane shutters for tropical storms and hurricanes. The worst part about these storms is that they are unpredictable. you may have to prepare without knowing if they will even hit. But with storm proof windows in West Palm Beach, your home is protected 24/7, 365 days a year. You will never have to worry again about exterior home protection.

Threat Resistant

Storms aren't the only thing you need to worry about threatening your home. People are just as big of a threat as a major hurricane. While the chances of being robbed are not too high, it still happens. And everyone thinks it will never happen to them until it does happen. It never hurts to be extra prepared. These windows are impossible for people to sneak through. The holes are too small for a human body. Also, the multiple layers make it near impossible to even get anywhere near the inside of the home. Another thing worth considering is the dense glass. It would take someone a very long time with a lot of effort to break through the glass. Most people would not be able to break it, making it essentially impossible to get inside.

Energy Efficiency

Something many people do not think about when it comes to storm proof windows is how energy efficient they are. These windows are not only great for protection, but they also help your HVAC system and energy bills. Living in Florida means hot weather almost year-round. Regular windows do not do a great job of keeping this heat out of the home. Because of this, your HVAC system needs to work extra hard to cool the home and keep it cold, despite the heat flowing in. With the storm proof windows, some of the heat and UV rays are blocked out. This keeps the home cooler and lets your HVAC system ease up a little bit. All in all, lower energy bills and an all-around cooler home.

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