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Florida Impact Door Installation

Statewide Windows & Doors knows that South Floridians want to take advantage of their beautiful views and near-constant sunny days. In fact, it's rare to find a home without glass patio doors or large windows to let in a maximum amount of light.

We also understand the importance of strong windows and doors capable of resisting damage from flying debris and high winds. That's why we offer impact door installation services.

Our impact windows and doors are made from strong materials that resist breaking when hit, so your home is safer during storms and from unwanted intruders.

Benefits of Impact Glass Doors

As a Better Business Bureau A+ rated impact door replacement company, we strive to offer customer-focused services. Our team includes contractors who boast 25+ years of experience in the exterior remodeling industry. We also offer top-rated products from leading brands like ESW, CWS and BHI.

There are many other benefits to installing these storm-resistant doors in your property, including:

  • More durable frames and multi-pane design can mean you enjoy reduced exterior noise.
  • These also act as security doors, which helps protect your family against break-ins.
  • Impact door replacement can help you earn discounts on homeowners' insurance.
  • When paired with a fiberglass frame, impact doors can boost your home's energy efficiency.
  • Using impact-resistant glass doors and windows helps increase property value too.

Many of the exterior door replacements we complete are also backed by lasting product warranties. You can rest easy knowing your investment in new doors means you won't have to worry about paying for new ones again anytime soon.

Find Out More About Our Hurricane Impact Door Services

When you want to protect your South Florida home from flying debris, make sure to choose an impact door. Statewide Windows & Doors can install a high-quality hurricane door to keep your family safe.

Our door replacement contractors can also provide a quick quote for your new doors, impact windows, and our commercial window and door services. Simply give us a call to set up a free consultation with one of our contractors.​