Living in Florida means your home is at risk for hurricane damage. The intense winds, long hours of rain, and aggressive thunderstorms take their toll. Many people find that their home survives with little damage, while some get the brunt of it. The key to keeping your home intact and your loved ones safe is proper preparation. Before the storm hits, you are going to want to go down your checklist and ensure you got all the necessary items. You are also going to want to ensure the exterior and interior of your home is protected. The windows are the main at-risk point during these storms. The debris can go flying through your window, breaking them in the process. To prevent this, you are going to want to get hurricane windows in Ocean Ridge, Florida. The best part is, getting these windows can give you more benefits than storm protection.

Noise Proof

One perk about these windows that isn't talked about enough is the noise-proof feature. Have you ever tried to fall asleep but was kept up by the noise outside? Maybe you live on a busy street or near a highway. Whatever situation you find yourself in, the noise outside has kept you up or woken you up at least once. It happens to everyone. But, if it happens to you more often than not, hurricane windows may be a good investment. These windows provide storm protection but also block any noise pollution. The loud whistling and banging during hurricanes can cause anxiety for many. With the shutters, the noises can sound even louder, too. With these windows, you no longer have to suffer hearing the noises. You can snuggle up in your home while you wait for the hurricane to pass.


The absolute best part about getting hurricane windows in Ocean Ridge, Florida, is the convenience. We all care about the protection aspect and value our homes. But sometimes, we care more about the effort of putting up the shutters. As all Floridians know, hurricanes are quite unpredictable. One minute they are heading straight towards you, and the next, they are heading in the opposite direction. No matter how far the hurricane is, as soon as you hear it's coming towards you, the shutters need to go up. Even if the storm changes directions the next day, everyone prepares accordingly. Now, the better safe than sorry aspect is critical and has truth to it. But sometimes, you don't want to be bothered with putting up the shutters. With hurricane windows, you never have to worry about protection again. Once installed, the windows are all set and require no effort on your end. If you have a difficult time getting the shutters up, hurricane windows can save you a lot of time and stress.

Reduced Energy Bills

Everyone loves saving money. But not enough people are doing so with hurricane windows. These windows, although an investment, can save you money on your energy bills. Half of the year, Florida is unbearably hot. Walking outside without sweating is a rare occurrence during the summer months. As soon as you get inside, you are probably dying to cool off, rushing to blast the AC. With the hurricane windows, your HVAC unit does not need to work nearly as hard. And your home is going to feel a lot cooler. When the air conditioning and heating unit doesn't need to work as hard, you save a lot of money. It may not feel like a huge amount at first, but after a year, all those savings add up.

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