One of the worst things you can do during a hurricane is not to prepare your home for the wind, rain, and flying debris. Most people assume that the adverse effects of these storms will not happen to them and they are somebody else’s problem. In West Palm Beach, hurricanes come frequently and head directly to South Florida. During these times, it is too late to prepare and the damages to your property increase dramatically. One of the most significant areas of concern is your home’s windows and how flying debris allows the water to come inside. A possible solution is hurricane windows that provide added protection levels, but there are drawbacks to using them. 

The Benefits of Hurricane Windows in West Palm Beach

  1. Resistant Glass

All hurricane windows are made of resistant glass and do not shatter into many pieces on impact. Anytime something hits the glass, the parts remain inside the pane and attached to an inner casing. It can withstand flying objects coming into the window at wind speeds as high as 200 miles per hour. You can see out of the windows and they do not obstruct your view year-round. They protect against debris from hurricanes, other storms, prevent water from coming in, and theft. These windows enhance the beauty and safety of your home throughout the year (even when you are not there).

  1. Reduces Noise and Improves Efficiency 

The resistance of hurricane windows and the extra inside pane makes them more durable. They prevent outside noise from coming into the house because of this added layer. It also keeps in the cold and hot air during the different seasons of the year. Your energy bills are lower from the heating and air conditioning system not having to work as much. In many cases, insurance companies will offer you lower rates from having these windows installed in your home. 

  1. Increases the Property Value

Hurricane windows increase the value of your property and are showing improving equity in the home. The ability to offer protection, reducing noise and better energy efficiency is something all appraisers and buyers alike. They want to work with a homeowner who shows that they cared for their property and spent the money to improve its value. Anytime you plan on selling your home, hurricane windows are something that leads to higher prices and significant interest from potential buyers. 

The Drawbacks of Hurricane Windows in West Palm Beach

  1. The Upfront Costs

Hurricane windows are twice the costs of traditional ones and range from $40 to $60 a square foot. The windows only protect a designated area and do not cover the other parts of the residence. If you are replacing all of the house’s windows, these costs can increase dramatically and represent a significant investment. Those homeowners on a budget might find these windows too expensive and opt for a different solution. The big challenge is weighing the long term rewards of the windows compared to the upfront costs of installing them. 

  1. Damages to the Frame

Hurricane windows are great at preventing the glass from shattering, but this changes if there is an object that strikes the frame directly. In these situations, the entire window may need replacing and the costs are much higher versus other options. It is something to think about as the windows are strong and resistant yet will not protect against every possible scenario. Careful planning is necessary to account for these situations and what you will do when they arise. 

We Can Help!

Hurricane windows in West Palm Beach are a viable solution in dealing with flying debris and the adverse effects of these storms. The benefits it offers are they are made of resistant glass, reduce noise, improve energy efficiency, and increase the property’s value. The drawbacks are the upfront costs and damages to the windows’ frame. Even with drawbacks like costs and potential for damage, these windows are the best option when it comes to safer more durable windows for your home. The upfront cost is nothing compared to the cost of repairs if your windows are broken. To learn more about the pros and cons of hurricane windows contact the experts here at Statewide Windows & Doors today!