The closer and closer we get to hurricane season, the more the weather changes. Florida may be cooling off now, but it's only a matter of time until we are back to the rainy weather. While hurricane season is usually very hit or miss, there are some brutal storms now and again. Sometimes, residents don't even know if the hurricane is going to hit or not until it's too late. That is why Floridians and government officials always pressure people to prepare sooner rather than later. If putting up the shutters over a storm that may not come frustrates you, then it may be time to consider other options. With impact windows in Greenacres, Florida, your home is protected around the clock and in more ways than storm protection. Impact windows are game-changing and can save your home from a lot of damage.

Structural Protection

Impact windows protect your home in more ways than one. The first way is through the windows. Having these windows ensures that even the most aggressive of storms won't break your windows. If they do crack, it won't be the end of the world. A crack in the impact window glass is the worst it gets. Nothing gets through the second layer. You don't have to worry about debris and other objects flying into your home. Another way this glass protects your home is by having these layers. Even if the glass layer cracks, there is another layer in place. You will not experience pressure building up in your home. Most people only consider the debris; however, pressure in the home can cause structural damage. All of the wind coming in has even been known to cause roofs to go flying. While this is a more severe case, no one gets through the hurricane without roof damage when non-impact windows get broken.

Burglary Proof

If we want to think about the worst-case scenario, we can go back to some of the worst hurricanes in Florida's history. Unfortunately, when there is no power, lack of supplies, and damage everywhere, some people take advantage of a bad situation. Burglaries and theft happen occasionally. The shutters can easily be moved to the side, but our windows are burglary proof. No one is getting into your home with impact windows in Greenacres, Florida. Even on an average day with no storm, these windows are still protecting your house from intruders. You may not have to worry about intruders or have other forms of security. But, extra protection while also getting hurricane protection is never a bad idea.

Shatter Safety

There's no such thing as the perfect impact window. While our windows here at Statewide Windows & Doors are sturdy and thick, they can still crack like any other window. The key to what makes the impact windows safer is the way they do it. When your average windows crack, some of the glass tends to fall on the floor. This can be a threat to children, pets, and even adults. If one person isn't paying attention, they could get cut up or impaled by the glass. With the impact windows, there are multiple layers to the window. If the glass happens to shatter or crack, none of the glass will fall. Instead of glass coming off the window, the window will instead form a spider web. The shattering will keep everything in place until you can get the windows repaired after the storm. You also have the extra protection of the second layer. Even if the impact window shatters, nothing is getting through into your home. Your house remains safe from debris, objects, and any pressure. Although, these windows are very unlikely to shatter.

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