South Florida offers beautiful weather most of the year, but the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms is also something to be aware of. With the start of hurricane season just six months away, you'll want to be sure to protect your home or business from the high winds and flooding often associated with major storms like hurricanes and tornadoes. Even tropical storms have been known to devastate homes with flooding; that could mean significant water damage repair costs for you and your family. One way to avoid all of this is to invest in hurricane windows for your home in Greenacres. South Florida had a mild hurricane season last year, but the weather can be unpredictable. South Florida can experience a hotbed of storm activity one year and offer a quiet reprieve the next. Why take that chance? Put your family's safety first, and make sure to protect your most precious investments like home, property, and business with hurricane windows.  At Statewide Impact Windows & Doors, we deal with the highest-quality impact glass distributors and install superior hurricane code high impact glass. Are you tired of the exhausting process of having to put up plywood and shutters year after year? Are you tired of paying someone a small fortune to put them up? It's widely known that the prices to install shutters and plywood during hurricane season more than triple. Not to mention the danger of falling if you live in a two-story home and have to worry about balancing on a ladder while installing them. For these reasons alone, an investment in hurricane windows will pay for itself in no time.

Hurricane Windows Provide a Security System

When you decide to purchase hurricane windows, not only are you protecting yourself from major storms and hurricanes, but you are also providing your family with a foolproof security system. High impact glass is shatterproof and unbreakable. While shutters can be a more economical way to go, the inconvenience of putting them up and taking them down alone can be extremely stressful when faced with the more considerable threat of a hurricane making landfall any minute. 

Choose Hurricane Windows to Protect Your Home:

•           A shatterproof and unbreakable profile provides safety and security for you and your family.

•           The thick glass creates noise insulation in the home and is a great choice for people living next to busy streets, parks, or schools.

•            Impact windows also keep the sun's harmful UV rays out, helping to lower electric bills by keeping temperatures cooler.

•           High impact windows are customizable and appear more natural than shutters.

•           They allow natural light in as opposed to shutters and plywood that keep you in the darkness 24/7.

•           They are permanent! You never have to put up shutters or plywood again! You also have protection 24/7. Shutters present a major inconvenience and need to be taken down and put up again. Hurricane windows eliminate that nuisance. 

Are You Ready to Learn More?

With hurricane season in South Florida just around the corner, think about how the installation of hurricane windows with unbreakable impact glass can make a difference in your life. Call on the hurricane windows expert at Statewide Impact Windows & Doors today for a free estimate in your Greenacres home. We are licensed and bonded with over 25 years of experience to offer. Never let a hurricane get the best of you and your family again! Protect your family and your belongings by installing the highest-quality hurricane impact windows in Greenacres today!